Users: Roles for Integrations and Add-Ons

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Users may require additional access if your instance includes any of the following integrations, add-ons, or features:

Lab Interface

In addition to internal roles that have access to Kipu Labs, you can use the lab-specific roles available in the Kipu Labs section to provide additional access. It's important to note that there is a mixture of Internal and External roles in this group.

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Outcomes Measurements

In addition to internal roles that have access to Outcomes, you can use the outcome-specific roles available in the Outcomes Measurement section to provide additional access. 

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Assign VOBGetter Admin or VOBGetter User permission from the Konnectors section to users who need to perform verification of benefit checks. These roles currently have the same capabilities. Note: Super Admins and Records Admins already have the VOBGetter capabilities built into their roles.

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Kipu Portal

Super Admins can assign these portal roles to users. If a user has the Manage portal settings role, they can assign the Allow document share role to other users. Note: Super Admins do not have Manage portal settings built into there role.

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Kipu BI

Kipu BI Admins and Super Admins can assign one or more Kipu BI Reports to users. Note: This role section will only appear for users with the Kipu BI Admin feature assigned to their profile.

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eRx Portal [Beta]

Once the e-Prescribe feature has been enabled by a Kipu staff member, a Super Admin can assign eRx Portal permissions to users.

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Kipu CRM

With the Kipu CRM, the only additional feature your EMR users may need is Manage Incoming Transfers to accept treatment opportunities from the CRM.


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